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Home Loan offers

Home Loan offers 2022: Govt employee got a new gift. Home loan interest rates get cheaper.

Home loan offers 2022, A permanent Government employee or a temporary Government employee constantly worked for 5 years will get advanced funds for buying a home. This House Building's advanced funds are available for central Government employees. 

Home Loan offers 2022, Goodnews for central government employees. The government has cut down the interest rate of House building advanced funds (HBA). The interest rate has decreased from 7.9% to 7.1%. The government has given information in this in-office memorandum. We would like to inform you that all central government employees in the center will be benefitted from this House building fund.    We would like to inform you that the central government has introduced this House building fund advanced scheme in 2020. According to this scheme, central government employees get advanced for making a house building. 

All permanent central government employees and temporary employees constantly worked for 5 years can take a House building advanced fund scheme as a loan for buying a home.  According to HBA Scheme, central government employees can take advanced funds for making houses in their own plots.  This advanced amount can be utilized as a down payment for a home loan. 

How much advanced can take? 

The interest rate of the house building advanced scheme will be 7.10% percent for all central government employees. This decreased interest rate will be available for 12 months from 1 April 2022 to 31st march, 2023. As per the 7th pay commission recommendation and HBA rules central government employees can take an advance for the construction of a new house 34 months basic salary, up to Rs.25 lakhs or the cost of the House or the ability to pay the advance, whichever is less, can be taken in advance. The amount taken in advance will be recovered on behalf of the principal for 180 months. Rest 5 years or 60 months it will be recovered in EMI on interest

Terms and Conditions 

There are some conditions for taking this advance. House must be built on own land. If you want to expand your house you can also take this advance. This scheme is available only for permanent employees. If any temporary employee worked for constantly for 5 years can also take this facility.

Inform you that the government has increased DA and DR as per 7th pay commission rules. 

Best Home Loan offer 2022, For Corporate employees Axis Bank provides 4 EMI will waivers every 4 years 

Everybody has a dream to have their own independent house, no issue it is small or big. To fulfill this dream a large no of middle-class families take home loans to buy an independent house or Flat. But it is not very easy to avail of a home loan. Many times people getting trouble in many ways with the approval of a home loan. 

If you need the best Home Loan! These Banks are giving the cheapest Home loans, Know the Process. 

Home Loan offer: If You want to buy a house by taking a home loan then this is the right time. Because of this home loans are available at a very low-interest rate. Many Nationalized and private banks provided a Home Loan @6.4%-6.75% per annum interest rate from the beginning to buy a Home. Now, is the right time to fulfill your dream.

Details about “Asha” Subharambha Scheme: 

In this scheme, you can take benefits of 4 EMI waivers every 4 years. According to this Asha subharambha scheme Bank will provide you 1lakh to 50 lakh loan as per your income basis. 

If you will take a 30 lakh loan for a period of 30 years according to this scheme in 4 years, 8 years and 12 years bank will waiver 4 EMI. Suppose your EMI is Rs.30,000/- you will get benefits of Rs.1,20,000/- every 4 years. You will get total benefits in 4 years, 8years, and 12 years Rs.3,60,000/- 

According to this scheme you have to pay your EMI regularly. Be careful while paying your monthly EMI, try to avoid bounces of your monthly EMI. If you will not pay EMI regularly you may not take benefits of this scheme. 

In addition to this scheme, you can also be eligible to take benefits of the PMAY Scheme. According to this PMAY scheme you can save up to Rs.2.67 lakh.  

Axis Bank has made this scheme very flexible. Not only the new buyer but also old home loan buyers can take benefits from this scheme. 

New home buyers can take benefits from this scheme. Those customers who have already taken a loan can also take benefits from this scheme by taking over the old home loans to Axis bank. 

Learn whether you can get a Home Loan or not?

Before buying a house, people often try to know whether they can get a home loan or not. If get, how much will get? In particular, what is necessary for taking a home loan for the first time. In general, buying a flat, villa, duplex, simplex, or construction of a new house people often take home loans. Here we are giving all the necessary information about home loans. 

The home loan amount is fixed by the bank after calculation based on your monthly salary. The more amount you have in hand every month, the more your home loan amount increases.          

Normally banks and financial companies see you are eligible or not for paying the installment of 50% from your monthly salary. The home loan amount depends upon the tenure and interest rate. Apart from this,  Bank also fixes the upper age limit for the home loan.

How much Home loan can you get?

You have to pay a 10-20% down payment of the property cost. Suppose property cost is 50 lakh you have to pay 5-10 lakh as a down payment. After that, you can take a  home loan of 80-90% of the property cost. Apart from this, you can also include the registration and registration cost. You should pay maximum as a down payment of the property cost, by which you can reduce the burden of a home loan. The bank charges a lot of interest on a long-term home loan. You must be conscious of this matter. It is better as early as possible try to close the home loan you can save a lot of money. 

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