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How to keep your home safe from coronavirus?

All over the world is in trouble due to the coronavirus. The second wave of coronavirus drastically damages India and Brazil. India is trying effortlessly to overcome this situation. The government had declared a locldown for 3 months in the first wave of coronavirus in 2020.

The second wave of the coronavirus has started India in March 2021. The corona graph increase in a second and spread in maharastra then Delhi, Uttarpradesh and spread all over India. Many people losing their valuable lives in this second wave of coronvirus.

We have to keep ourselves safe along with our family. We just have to take some simple steps.

1. Do not touch your house main door :

Do not touch the main door immediately while coming from the outside of your duty. Just sanitize your hand then open the door. A lot of chances spreading of the virus from the main door to your house.

corona virus

2. Keep your used dress outside :

While you are returning to your house after completing office, keep your used dress in a corner outside of the house in a hanging position that no nobody will touch.

corona virus

3. Keep multiple Mask and wash them properly :

Do not use a single mask regularly. Keep multiple masks with you always. When a mask used do not forget to wash it. Regularly wash the mask. Do not use it, again and again, the used mask.

corona virus

4. Keep windows open for ventilation:

Try to use Air condition less. Keep your bedroom, Drawing room, Dining room windows open for good ventilation for at least 4 to 5 hours a day. 

5. Follow the Government guidelines:

Always follow the Government guidelines i.e wash our hands regularly, use a mask while going outside, maintain 6 feet distance, do not eat before washing your hand. 

if you will follow these rules you can keep safe your loved ones. Make promise today we will defeat corona virus.

we will make you update very shortly if got any update information about coronavirus.

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